B1 Usability Package

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Welcome to the B1 Usability Package Manual. In it you will find all information on how to successfully use the add-on. For installation and license, please see the separate Installation guide and license guide.


B1 Usability Package is an add-on for SAP Business One aimed at making it a smoother and easy platform to work with. The package is very user-friendly and allows consultants to carry out configuration tasks that were previously only possible for developers. B1 Usability Package consists of a number of modules that can be turned on and off manually.

If you are new the B1 Usability Package recommend the you take a look at our Getting Started Landing Page

Advantages of B1 Usability Package:

-         Ability to centralize and speed up your customer’s work.

-         One add-on fits all.

-         Functionality can be turned on and off at will.

-         Highly configurable.

-         Reduce the need for additional add-ons that are expensive to develop.

-         Multilingual support.

-         Built and ready for SBO 10.0 (MSSQL and SAP HANA)

-         Built 100% in the SDK using the latest development methods (C# .NET).

-         Import/Export of configurations using XML.

-         SAP Certified Integration (Since 2007, re-certified in 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019).