Browser Access Limitations

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This section explains about know limitations and features that are unavailable in browser access. It provides general information only and may be subject to change at any time without notice if any additional limitations are found.
Please read all sections carefully as some features are limited or unavailable in browser access and this may influence the completion of customer requirements and affect the user-experience.

In general, the SDK for Browser Access is a limited version of the Desktop SDK so it does not offer full backward compatibility. This means that certain events and features simply does not happen in browser access.

General Known Limitations


We do not offer the configurations tools from within the Browser Access. Instead, you will need to do the configurations via the desktop Client and only the end user features will be available in the browser

B1UP often have menu-structures with many menu-items. On low resolutions, SAP does not offer scroll bars so you cannot see all menu items. Workaround is to zoom out in the browser so you can see all menu items

There are limitations on when statusbar (red/green/blue) messages can be shown so you will experience that add-on feel unresponsive (because it cannot tell you what it is doing)

Combo buttons (Function Buttons: Multibutton) are incorrectly shown by the SDK as a combobox instead of a button. They still work through but feels very unintuitive.

? Help buttons will not show as a sidebar. This is due to a new SDK limitation that we can control the position of a form when we open it. The content is still correct but usability is low.

Icon transparency does not work and icons using the transparent color will look odd.