Draft Data Manager

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With the Draft data manager it is possible to mass delete drafts.


NB: You can only delete drafts there is not part of a approval procedure.


The Draft Data Manager can work with nearly all draft types. the only types it does not work with are.


Inventory Counting

Inventory Opening Balances

Inventory Posting






Document Type

Here you can select the type of Drafts you want to find either all types or a single type


Here you can write the condition for the SQL there is used determine which objects should be updated.

Saved Conditions

Here you can select or save a condition for use in the future.


If you select a saved condition the document type and condition  fields will be filled we the values of the saved condition.


To create a new condition write it's name in the text field and press save condition.


You can also delete a condition be selecting it and pressing the delete condition button

Use transaction

Here you may is the updates should happen in a transaction