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The Universal Function Scheduler can be used to run Universal Function Batch Configurations or a dynamic code configuration.

NB: You can only schedule dynamic code configurations there don't use the 'application' and 'form' variables, and there doesn't contain dynamic syntax

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When working with the scheduler you will need to select a UF Batch / dynamic code UF  to work with.



Header data




This is your name for the configuration for reference. This is also the name that will be shown in success and error emails from the scheduler.


here you can select if you want to schedule at batch configuration or a dynamic code configuration

Select UF batch

Here you select the UF batch/dynamic code to run

Success email

If set you will receive an email confirming that the schedule where run correctly.

Error email

The email that will receive an error report if the schedule encounters and error.




Here you can set special options depending on the UF type selected.




Server start time (24 H/M)

When the schedule should be executed the first time.

Recurrence pattern

There are currently five supported types:

Minutely: Run the schedule every X minutes.

Hourly: Run the schedule every X hours.

Daily: Run the schedule once each day on the server start time.

Weekly: Run the schedule on specific days of the week on the server time.

Monthly: Run the schedule every X day of the month on the server time.

Only ones: Run the schedule only on the start date and the server start time.

Last day of month: Run the schedule on the last day of the month on the server start time (hour and minute)

Range of recurrence

Start: Start date of the recurrence.

No end date: The schedule should never end.

End by: The schedule should end by the specific date.