Use Line search

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Allow line search of all sales and purchase documents.




In documents you can search in:

        Item: Item code

        Item: Item name

        Item: BP catalog Number

        Service: Description

It is also possible to search in the Pick List, Pick and pack manager, Bill of Materials, Production order, Goods receipt, Goods issue, Inventory transfer, inventory transfer request, Inventory Counting and Special Prices for Business Partners

As default line search is applied to all predefined forms. If you rather prefer to have it on only certain forms, you can click the button to the right of the checkbox and choose for which formtypes there should have line search.


You can also decide add additional columns to search in by telling the id’s of the different columns you want to search.

To define the additional columns to search in you need to write a comma-separated string, containing the column id’s of the search columns. If no search columns is defined default columns is used.

NB: On documents, you can only add additional  search columns for item lines.

NB: you cannot add additional search columns for the pick and pack manager.