World Clock Widget

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[See a video of the feature]


This widget allow you to have Clocks there shows the time in different Timezones


You can customize what clocks you wish to see.


The widget have the following features:


Add new Clock

If you press the "Add Clock" button at the top right you are presented with the following screen



First you need to choose what TimeZone the clock should show the time for.

Then you  need to do is give your Clock a caption and optionally an Flag.


When do you press OK and the Clock will be added to your World Clock widget


Edit and remove shortcuts

If you need to edit or remove a already defined clock  you simply right-click it and choose "Edit" or "Remove"



Edit will bring up a screen similar to the Add Clock where you can re-define your Clock (new TimeZone/icon or caption)





Re-arrange clocks


You can re-arrange the clock in the World clock area by drag and drop. Simple drag one on top of another where you wish to place it and it is moved to there