Advanced: Multiple activation for a single mailbox

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One activation can connect to multiple databases within a system depending on how your administrator has set up the CRMFO server component. To connect to multiple systems (eg. if you are a partner/reseller who is both an end-user and a demo-user) you need multiple activation emails for a single mailbox.


youtube One subscription vs. multiple servers


For such a scenario we recommend the following setup:

Beside the internal live system create one or more subscriptions that are connected to demo-systems. For more information on how to create subscriptions refer to the documentation included in the server component installer package.

In Outlook create a Test folder in your mailbox that can contain demo-mails and your various activation mails.



When you need to use a special system follow the steps below:

1.Select the activation mail of the system you would like to use. The Activation email is different window opens.



2.Click the Yes button to switch to the system linked to the selected activation email.


3.Restart your Outlook client.