Secure Trading

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CVV codes

The CVV codes are send in on the first Credit Card add request and as it is not stored by iPayment the gateway. The CVV code will only be validated once when adding the card. It is not legal to store the CVV code so any additional request will not have the CVV code checked.

Pre-Authorisations and Final Authorisations MasterCard Europe Mandate

Please carefully read the 11.1 topic in the file:

You will need to decide if you want to use PRE or FINAL authorization for MasterCard and you need to consider the implications of doing so. Failing to do so may result in a fine from MasterCard.

Enhanced POST
iPayment utilizes some of the Secure Trading Enhanced Post features, so you may need to contact Secure Trading Support to have them enabled if it isn't already enabled for your account.
You will need to have the following POST types enabled:


Please refer to this page for more information