Create Activity Action

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The Create Activity Action allows you to create a SAP activity (Business Partners > Activity) and link or/and attach the report to the activity created.





This determine what type of activity you are creating.

Contact Person

Determines what contact person is used on the activity.

The contact person can be either the default contact person, the contact person on the document from where you create the activity or none.


NB: if you are  on a document that does not have a contact person and use the document contract person option it will instead use the default contact person.

Type + Subject

Here you choose the type and the underlying subject of the activity


This is the remarks of the activity. You can use the dynamic $[$item.col.type] syntax if you wish to make the remark dynamic


The you can write the more detailed description of the activity. You can use dynamic syntax in this field as well.

Assigned To

Here you choose what user type either user or employee that you assign the activity to. It can be dynamically to the user that triggers the action or a specified user you choose


Indicate if the activity should be created with the closed-flag checked or not


Indicate if the activity should be created with the inactive-flag checked or not


Indicate if the activity should be created with the personal-flag checked or not

Attach Document

If you check this the system will attach produced version of your Crystal report from used Report Action to your activity. In the field you need to indicate the filename you want for the attachment (Tip: you can use the dynamic syntax to build the file-name) and choose the type of attachment.

NB: In order for this to work you need to have set up a valid Attachment Folder path in the system administration of SAP Business One


Here you can indicate if the activity should be created with a reminder + the time before you are reminded.

Link document

Activities have the option to link data to them on the “Linked document” tab. If you check this option the report action will create a link to the source document provided it is a type supported by the activity window.

Start time

Here you can set the number of days in the future you want to start the activity and at what time the activity should start.

Example: to create an activity there begins the next days at 12.00image031


Here you can set the duration for the activity. The duration can be in minutes, hours or days

Open After Generation

This option allow you to open the generated Activity after its generation (so user can make further edits on it if needed)