Add and Edit Menus

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The Add and Edit Menus functionality makes it possible for a user to change the names of SAP Business One menus and add new menus/menu items. It is also possible for a menu item to execute a universal function when clicked.

Note: If you have Beas 9.3 PL 1 or higher installed, you can select Beas Functions on the Add and Edit Menu window.

When opening the Add And Edit Menus configuration you get the following screen were you can see a complete overview of the existing menus in SAP (including the ones added using add and edit menus)


Add Menus


You can Add a new menu to the menu structure 2 ways.

Right-click an existing menu and choosing 'Add menu'

Drag a menu in from side and drop it where you want to add the menu (be aware you cannot drop a menu when you mouse cursor is not an arrow

The position of the added menu will correspond to where you add the new menu in the menu tree.

NB: the placement of a  menu item shown  in the configuration can sometimes be a little off, and a menu item will be placed on  a position either  below or above what you see in the configuration window.



This column displays the code of the universal function there is to run when the menu is pressed.

Note: If you have Beas 9.3 PL 1 or higher installed, this list will show Beas Functions alongside the Universal Functions.


This column contains either contains all the user there should see the menu or all them there should not see a menu, based in on the value of the user setting column


NB: an empty field represent all users

User setting

the value in this field decides if the users in the users field should be included or exclude from  the menu.

Image path

the path to the image there should be shown beside the menu items text


Set the menu category (See configuration Categories)


This column displays whether a menu is Included, and thereby added to the menu structure

if a menu has any sub-menus it also decides if these are shown




To move an already added menu, just drag it to a new position and update the configuration.



You can remove an added menu to ways

Drag and drop the added menu to the trash bin

Right-click the menu and press 'Remove Menu'  

Edit Menus


To Edit a Menu (Give it a new Title) just write a new title in the display name column and title of the menu will be changed.

The title in parentheses is the original title


The “&” sign in the original title decides what shortcut key to use for this menu item. In the case of "&Page Setup..." it is “p”, as the “&” is in front of it.

this shortcut will still work after changing the title and you cannot change the working shortcut key


An edited menu can be removed / restore by using one of 2 ways.

Blank the text in the display name field.

Right-click an edited menu and press 'Restore edited menu'