B1 Usability Package tab-page

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Administration > Add-Ons > B1 Usability Package > B1 Usability Config.


Each functionality is represented by a checkbox in the configuration window and checking each of them will update the configuration. Please note that the first time you check functionality, the system might need new tables and fields, and, like the basic configuration, the add-on might give a message that it needs a restart. Please note that due to the many features of this add-on, checking all functions and pressing update might take up to ten minutes the first time.

Beas Usability Extensions
This feature allow you to use the Beas Usability Extensions in Beas manufacturing.
NB: You need Beas 9.3 PL0 or higher before you can activate this feature

Global vs. Localization modules
Please also note that depending on localization more or less options will be available. If no special modules are available in your localization the “Localization Modules” section will be empty.