Calendar Replacement

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[See a video of the feature]


With the Calendar Replacement System you have the option to take over the the Calendar Toolbar Icon the an enhanced Calendar


SAP's Calendar



B1 Usability Package's Calendar (include drag/drop features) [Learn more of the Calendar here]




In the Toolbox that the default behavior is:






Default (Suggest on SAP Form)

When you use this option, the standard SAP Calendar will still show up when you press the Calendar Icon in the Toolbar, but at the bottom of the SAP Calendar you will be shown a suggestion to try the Toolbox Calendar


If you press the above link you will be prompted with the following question:




If you choose "Try" you are taken to the Tollbox Calendar, but will not make it the default.

If you choose "Switch" the system will switch the Toolbox setting to the "Always shown Toolbox Calendar" and from now one it will use the Toolbox calendar (until you change the setting in toolbox)


Always shown Toolbox Calendar

If you choose this option you will always use the Toolbox Calendar

Always show SAP Calendar (No Suggestion)

If you choose this option you will always use the SAP Calendar and Toolbox will not display the option to try the Toolbox Calendar (aka you you do not want to allow you users to try it)



Finally you can also control what the default Calendar is via the Defaults Combobox