Data launcher: Add/edit lines

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From this window you can add or update lines from the data launcher.





An informative description of the line


The data of the line. This varies a lot, but an example could be:

        An IP Address (For a remote desktop)

        An URL (For opening a website)

        A filename (Document, PDF, Excel and so on)


If it is a file, you will need, you can double click on the data text field to choose a file


As an advanced feature, you are also able to get dynamic data from the active form. The syntax for referring to the parent form is $[$<item>.<column>.<type>]

Example: if you would like to have the BP-code as part of your data, you should write $[$5.0.0], since the item code text field on the Business Partner Master data have unique id 5, while if you would like the current address street name, you should write $[$178.2.0] since the matrix Uid is 178 and the column is 2.


Associated Functions

Here you choose which function should be tied to the line. These are the ones that will be possible to choose between