Item Placement Tool

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The Item Placement Tool (IPT) gives you the ability to rearrange all data on any window in SAP Business One. You will be able to

-         Move important fields to more suited places.

-         Make fields smaller or larger.

-         Move fields between tab-pages.

-         Hide fields never used.

-         Create new Tab that show Universal Function – SQL Reports

Furthermore, it gives you the ability to work with user-defined fields tied to the window, and place them on the main window! You will be able to

-         Choose the position.

-         Choose on which tab-page it should appear.

-         Choose the type of the field (Edit Text / Text Area / Combo box / Checkbox).

-         Choose the height and width.

-         Choose if a label should be shown along with the field.

All this which normally would need SDK knowledge can be done through the configuration window.


Online E-Learning is also available for this module. Click here to watch it

Right-click configuration™

To quickly get going go to the window you wish to manipulate, right-click and choose you option.


Alternative you can go to Administration > Add-Ons > B1 Usability Package > Module Configuration > Item Placement Tool> Item Placement Tool: Configuration.