Match Business Partners with Uid

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When using a web service to search for specific information on a company or private person, there are multiple searchable terms, e.g. phone number, name, address, federal tax id and so on. The more information given, the more accurate the search results will be. Apart from using basic search terms, some services/providers have equipped each entry with a unique id (Uid).

A Uid usually is part of the data returned from a basic search and varies in format according to the provider used. If stored, the Uid can be used to search for special information on the specific business partner, e.g. number of employees, company status, stock quotation, data timestamps, and so on.

When using B1UP Quick Create with either NN Markedsdata (Danish) or Brønnøysundregistrene (Norwegian) as the chosen search provider, the Uid is saved upon quick creating the business partner. The provider specific Uid is then used for company lookups and data cleaning.