General: Multi-functionality (Click vs CTRL + click)

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We have tried to make using the product as intuitive as possible but the more features in a product the harder it is to learn. For that reason, we have made a convention that you always have a primary and (sometimes) a secondary feature.

-         The primary feature is always activated using a left-button click

-         The secondary feature is activated by holding the CTRL key down while left-clicking.

Example 1: When you show the addresses of a business partner, you can left-click to open Google maps and see the address. As an alternative, you can CTRL + Left-click to show the driving directions from your location to the address.


Example 2: When looking at open items cue cards, doing a left-click will display the document while the CTRL + Left click will instead track the open item against the mail


You can always see at the bottom of the view what the alternative function is at the moment.