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Please carefully read the requirements below.

        Account with Authorize.NET

o   The Transaction Details API must be enabled.

o   To enable the Transaction Details API:

1.       Log on to the Merchant Interface at .

2.       Select Settings under Account in the main menu on the left.

3.       Click the Transaction Details API link in the Security Settings section. The Transaction Details API screen opens.

4.       If you have not already enabled the Transaction Details API, enter the answer to your Secret Question, then click Enable Transaction Details API.

5.       When you have successfully enabled the Transaction Details API, the Settings page displays.

o   Have Extended Credit Capabilities (ECC) enabled (For doing refunds without a linked transaction). More info on how to activate here:

o   Have the account created in the correct currency. The Authorize.NET API does not have support for currencies. The Authorize.NET account needs to be setup in the currency that you will be using.

        If you want to test please get a sandbox account from

o   A standard Authorize.NET account can only be used in “Live” mode as Authorize.NET does not allow normal accounts to login to the sandbox.