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Please carefully read the requirements below.

        Please carefully read the CyberSource documentation for the processor that you have opted to use.

o   Below you will find functionality requirements that the processor needs to support.

        The selected processor should have support for automatic preauthorizations + automatic Preauthorization Reversal (See cybersource documentation for a list of processors that support this:

o   Note: Contact your merchant account provider to determine whether you will be charged a fee for a preauthorization.

        Automatic Preauthorization Reversal should be enabled on your account.

        Subscription/Tokenization should be enabled on your account.

        The processor should support “Card verification number”

        The processor should support “Full Authorization Reversal”

        The processor should support “Automatic Preauthorization Reversal”

        If you want to test please get a sandbox account from

o   A standard CyberSource account can only be used in “Live” mode as CyberSource does not allow normal accounts to login to the sandbox.