Cybersource and interaction with Add credit card website [Mandatory]

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To comply with PA-DSS requirements iPayment is not allowed to transfer credit card details from SAP Client to gateway. For that reason it need to be done on a website controlled by CyberSource that you open from within the SAP Client.

Setup needed for this to work

        Login to Cybersource gateway as administrator

o   Navigate to Tools & Settings > Secure Acceptance > Profiles

o   Press Create new profile

o   Input name (example iPayment CreditCard)

o   Select Itegration method ‘Web/Mobile’

o   Input Company Name

o   Enable ‘Payment Tokenization’ under added value services

o   image007

o   Press Create (you will be navigate to the new profile)

        On the profile page press “Notifications”

o   Enable ‘Merchant POST URL’ and write in the field

o   Enable ‘Merchant POST Email’ and write your e-mail to notifications on (once everything is working you can optionally disable this again)

o   image009

o   Save and return to the Profile overview

        On the profile page press “Payment Settings”

o   Here you need to setup the payment method available on the add credit card webpage and save.

        On the profile page press “Security”

o   Press the ‘Create new key button’

o   Give the key a name and press ‘Generate Key’

o   Save the Access key and Secret Key as they need to be inserted into the iPayment configuration

o   Return to profile home

        On the profile page press “Payment Form”

o   Select the “Single Page Form” option

o   Enable “Billing information” under “Checkout steps”

§ Enable the following fields and set them as display, edit and require:

        First Name

        Last Name

        Street Address 1



        Postal Code


        Email Address


§ The fields are made mandatory by CyberSource and it will not work if they are not marked as mandatory

§ Press “Save”

        Add profile id to the iPayment configuration:

o   At the top of the profile home page there is a Profile ID. This is the last piece of information you need to add to the iPayment configuration along with the Access key and Secret Key found under security.

o   image013

        Promote the configuration to “Active” using the “Promote to Active” button on the profile home page

        If you are running on a live environment, you will need to contact CyberSource support to have the profile published to the live servers.

        After having the profile published you can now add a Credit Card in iPayment.