Cybersource and interaction with Add credit card [How does it work]

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After completing, the setup as explained above you should now be able to add Credit Cards to customers using a webpage. This works in the following way:

1.       iPayment contacts CyberSource and asks for a URL

2.       A webpage is launched in your browser

3.       You enter the customers details in a secure website provided by CyberSource

4.       CyberSource makes a callback to the URL specified in the “Merchant POST URL” and the token for the Credit Card is saved

5.       iPayment contacts the URL specified in the “Merchant POST URL” and saves the token for later use.

As CyberSource requires a callback server to exist, we have opted to provide a server ( that allows for easy setup of the system.

The following fields are saved when the callback happens from CyberSource:

        Credit Card token

        Profile ID

        iPayment reference


        AVS/CVV fraud check result codes

The data is deleted when iPayment requests the token from The data is also anonymous as Boyum It cannot identify the origin of the data as only you know the profile ID. The token is unusable for anyone but you as it is linked directly to your CyberSource account.


The website is hosted on Microsoft Azure but we do not guarantee uptime or availability of the service.