Secure trading

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Site reference

Enter the Secure Trading site reference


Enter the Secure Trading user (this user needs to be configured on the site with role “Webservices”)


Enter the Secure Trading password associated with the user

Site security

Enter a shared site security key (this key must be send to Secure Trading support along with the site reference)


The email to Secure Trading support should contain the following:


I would like to update the sitesecurity for my account.


Parameters are:

1.                         currency

2.                         mainamount

3.                         sitereference

4.                         orderreference

5.                         credentialsonfile (optional)

6.                         PASSWORD


Password: The password you have entered into the site security field


Note: You should only include the 'credentialsonfile' field if you have the 'Use credentials on file declaration' option enabled. See Configuration-->General -->Secure trading for further details.

Demo mode

If you enable this option you will use a test account with Secure Trading. All transactions will be in test mode and you will be able to test the product without having a Secure Trading account. You can do settlements, refund etc. in a secure demo environment.

To test credit cards please use the following details:

Card type: VISA

Card number: 4111111111111111

Expiry date: 01/2034

Security code: 413


To test the account check feature please use the following details:


Valid account check info:

House name/no: 789

Postcode: TE45 6ST


Invalid account check info:

House name/no: 123

Postcode: TE12 3ST