Outgoing payment – refund (Send money to customer)

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You have the option to refund an outgoing payment using Credit Card for a customer.

To use this feature open the outgoing payment and select the customer and the credit note you want to refund using Credit Card.


You can then open the payment means window and select the “Credit card” tab


Here you can press the “Select Credit Card” button to select a credit card you want to refund on.

After selecting the Credit Card the screen will be filled out with data by iPayment. You can change the “Amount Due” column and add a second voucher to refund on multiple Credit Cards or just do a partial refund.

Note: It is important that you do not change any of the values other than the “Amount due” set by the system as this may lead to the refund not being done. It is also important that you now add the payment to the system without including additional documents as the data for the refund has already been prepared.

Note: Using this feature is basically the same as sending money to the customer and it may require special permissions at gateway level depending on the gateway. Please make sure that your gateway account has the correct permissions.

Technical: The actual refund is done when the payment has been added successfully to the database. Should anything go wrong during the refund a message will be shown (and an alert will be sent if setup). The user then needs to correct the issue and cancel the payment and manually make it again.

There is no automatic handling of settlements that are not completed correctly with the gateway.