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With this Universal Function you can display a Calendar.






Form Title

Title of the window showing.

Form Width

Initial width of the window in pixels

Form Height

Initial height of the window in pixels


The Calendar to show


Initial state of the window (Normal, Minimized, Maximized)

Edit Calendar / Create Calendar

This button will take you to the Add/Edit Calendar Screen where you can make modifications to the selected calendar


Here you if the calendar should be shown in an internal viewer (SAP Screen) or and External Viewer (A Window you can drag outside the B1 Client; Nice in cases you wish to display it on anther monitor)

Show Sidebar

Indicates if the Calendar Sidebar should be default shown or not

Show only Worktime

Indicates if the Calendar should on show worktime (Defined in the calendar) or the entire 24 hours in Day and Week Views (No effect on Month, Timeline or Agenda-views)