Dashboard Widget

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You get to the Dashboard editor from the Add-widget button in the lower right or via Administration > Add-ons > B1 Usabiltiy Package > Module configuration > B1 Dashboard > Edit Dashboard Widgets


Out of the box you get the following out of the box Dashboards


NB: Beas dashboards only appear if you also are running Beas Manufacturing (version 9.3 PL02 or higher); For more info and support on the Beas Specific Dashboards please go here





Here you define the title of you dashboard. It is this title that will be displayed on the Add widget screen and the title of the widget once displayed

Connection information

By default all dashboards assume it should execute their SQL in the database they are in. You can however override that and let a dashboard get its data from a different database/server. You do this by defining a new set of connection info:


Auto refresh

You have the option to specify that a dashboard should automatically refresh on a fixed interval.

Users/User settings

By default when you create a dashboard everyone of your users are allowed to add it to their personal B1 Dashboard area. If some of you dashboards are only intended for certain users (for security or usability reasons) you can define while users that should be included/excluded to see this dashboard. Tip: You double-click this cell to get to the User-selection screen


If you double-click this cell you can select an image to represent your dashboard in the Add widget screen.


The web-enabled feature is use to tell if a dashboard should be visible in the web based B1 dashboards. You can download the installer of the Web Dashboards here


Here you can add new dashboards or remove/edit/Duplicate the highlighted dashboard.See dashboard editor for more information

Restore default dashboards

If you have removed some of the out of the box dashboards we deliver you can press this button to get them back


Here you can import and export your dashboard layout as XML.