Kanban Widget

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[See a video of the feature]


This widget allow you to have a Kanban Board with SAP Objects




The first time you choose a Kanban Board from the Available Widget you first need to decide which board to show:





We have the following, out of the box boards:




Sales Opportunities

Shows a board with the different stages a board can be in (Defined in SAP). You can double-click to navigate to the individual Opportunity or drag-and-drop to one of the other columns to switch the opportunity between the different stages.

Production Orders

Shows a board with 3 columns (Planned, Released and Closed (last 30 days)). You can again navigate and drag-and-drop to switch status

Service Calls

Similar as opportunities for your defined Statuses, with drag-and-drop switching to that status


Shows a board with the different statuses a Project Management Project can have. Drag-and-drop switch between those statuses.