SQL Report Widget

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[See a video of the feature]


The SQL Report Widget allow you to disable B1UP's SQL Report configurations in the dashboard area.


When you add the widget the first time you see this




In order to choose what SQL Report to chose choose in the combo-box and choose "Select SQL Report"


NB: There are a few limitations on what kind of SQL Reports configurations that can be used:


You can't choose SQL reports that use the dynamic syntax $[$item.col.type]/$[table.field] (Exception: Keywords $[USER], $[USERNAME] and $[PERIOD] are still possible to use)

You can't choose SQL Report that use the [%0] syntax

You can't choose SQL Report of type chart (use the dashboard instead)


If you at some point in time wish to change a SQL report widget to another you can right-click it and choose "Select SQL report"