Contact group

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Here the contact person that own the mail is displayed (if mail is the general company mail default contact person will be shown).


Name and Gender

Here the name of the contact person are displayed + the gender of the contact person if defined. It is also a dropdown that allows you to select the other contact persons of this Business Partner


The is the title (role) for the contact person displayed

Phone numbers

Here the main company contact numbers are shown


-         Click on phone number to call it using Windows Tel: feature

CTRL + Click to edit the phone number

Mailchimp Integration

Here you can handle subscriptions to Mailchimp lists for this contact:



In order to use this feature you must have B1UP with Mailchimp module installed.

UDFs on contact level

Here you can setup what User Defined Fields to show for the Business Partner

-         This selection is user-specific (different users can see different fields)

o   You define what fields to show by clicking the option at the bottom.

-         You can click it to copy the value to the clipboard

You can edit a UDF value by CTRL + Click it.

See more under 'Working with Contact Persons'

Update contact person

Pressing here will display the update Contact person screen

See more under 'Working with Contact Persons'