Working with Contact Persons

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The contact person window allows you to create and update contact details for the contact you're currently handling.

You'll be met with the window shown below, where you can fill in information and save the contact.

You also have buttons for helpful actions, such as opening the associated BP, either in SAP or CRM for Outlook, or populating the window with information based on one of your existing Outlook contacts.



User Fields

In this window, we also have the User Fields pane, which allows you to edit the user fields values for the contact person.

On this pane you also have the option of customizing which user fields should be shown, as well as which order they are shown in. This is done by clicking the 'Customize' button, which will bring up tools to perform the customization, once you're done you can click the 'Save' label in the lower right hand side of the screen and the changes will be saved for later.