Business Partner group

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This icon will only show if you get multiple hits from selected email - ie the email matches several different Business Partners. You click to select which of the matches you wish to see.

Business Partner Name

Displays the Business Partner name

-         The arrow will be golden if the BP is active, otherwise it'll be gray.

-         You can click this to open the Business Partner window

-         Hover the mouse over it to see BP Code, Type and Database



Here the street name of the default Bill To address is shown. Clicking it will show both the default Bill To and Ship To addresses in more details


-         Clicking an address will take you to Google Maps

-         CTRL + Click to get driving direction from your address to the Business Partner's address using Google Maps.

Phone numbers

Here the main company contact numbers are shown


-         Click on phone number to call it using your current softphone/messenger (we use the Windows tel: feature for this)

-         CTRL + Click to edit the phone number

Country and BP group

This shows the country on the bill to address + the BP Group the Business Partner is in.

--         There is no additional functionality


This is the current balance of the Business Partner in Local currency.

-         If you have a local SAP B1 Client you can click this to go to the BP Account Balance screen

-         If the BP have a currency different from the local currency, you can see it in the tooltip when you hover the mouse over it.


Here you can see the company website

-         Click it to open it in your browser

-         If no website is stored click it to define it

KPI indicators

Here you can see Key Performance Indicators for the specific Business Partner





-         If you have a local SAP B1 Client you can click it to open the Sales Analysis.


Here you can see charts on how the Business Partner is performing



-         There is no additional functionality


Here you can setup what User Defined Fields to show for the Business Partner

See more under 'Working with Business Partners'

-         This selection is user-specific (different users can see different fields)

o   You define what fields to show by clicking the option at the bottom.

-         You can click it to copy the value to the clipboard

-         You can edit a UDF value by CTRL + Click it.

Update Business Partner

Pressing here will display the Business Partner window. See more under 'Working with Business Partners'


Update Contact Persons

See more under 'Working with Business Partners'


Update Addresses

See more under 'Working with Business Partners'