One-time Credit Cards/Customers

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You have the option to use One-time Credit Cards. This works by associating the Credit Card with a specific document/incoming payment instead of associating it with a specific Business Partner.

The One-time Credit Card feature is enabled on Business Partner level.  If you enable a customer as a One-time customer all documents created will be a one-time document. All authorization and settlement actions will expect a Credit Card connected directly to the document and will not take into account the Credit Cards stored on the Business Partner. This means that you will not be able to use the Credit Cards from the Business Partner on the document.

You are still able to store Credit Cards on the One-time customer to allow for creating incoming and outgoing payments on account instead of having to always provide a one-time Credit Card. This allows for easy settlement of outgoing and incoming payments where the customer wants to pay/refund without a document.

To set a customer as a One-time customer please set the UDF iPayment – One time customer to “Yes”.


After setting the UDF to “Yes” the customer is now considered a one-time customer.    

The rest of the flow in iPayment is more or less the same as when not using a one-time customer. The main difference is that you will be prompted to enter Credit Card details when adding documents (depending on your settings) and when doing authorization/settlements.

Here a document with authorization set as automatic and a one-time customer is added:


You are then prompted to add “One-time Credit Card” details to continue with the authorization.

After entering the details in the browser iPayment will continue with the authorization (can take up to 30 sec). The same will happen for settlement and if you try to open the authorization window without any Credit Card details on the document.

The rest of the system works in the same way. You can refund settlements and you can make/void authorizations.

Note: iPayment does not support splitting the authorization/settlement on multiple cards when using a one-time Credit Card.