Multi Button Configuration

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[See a video of the feature]

Among the different Function Button type you can choose in the configuration is a type called Multi Button. This type differs in functionality from the rest of the types in that instead of running a single functionality when the button is pressed, the button gives an option to define multiple different feature that can be chosen by the user.



When you make a button of type Multi-button then the Caption on the configuration is not used and you need to provide a Multi-button configuration instead.





The code identifying the Function Button


The name/description of the configuration (For internal identification – Not shown to the user)

Line - Caption

Here you define the caption of the each multi-button option.

Line - Function

Her you define the function of the option. The type you can choose from are the same as regular buttons with the exception of a few legacy options.


Line - Universal Function

If you define your Multi buttons function to be Universal Function you must define the Universal Function to run here (Else you can leave it blank)