- A -

Action log


All open sales orders without a Credit Card record

Appendix 1 – iPayment Gateway and server component flows

Assign credit cards to customers


Icon Authorization
Icon Authorization

Authorization flow explanation


Icon Authorize.NET
Icon Authorize.NET
Icon Authorize.NET_2
Icon Authorize.NET_2_2

Automatic fraud check on authorization/settlement

- B -

B1 iPayment

Batch authorization

Batch refund

Batch settlement

- C -

Card store/CIM system and Credit Card details (Tokenization)


Credit Card Expiration

Credit Card mapping


Icon CyberSource
Icon CyberSource

Cybersource and interaction with Add credit card [How does it work]

Cybersource and interaction with Add credit card website [Mandatory]

- D -

Data theft

Database Information

Document refund

Document refund – partial

- E -


Icon Eway
IconMoneris Canada
Icon Eway

- G -

Gateway requirements


General use

- H -

How do I create a partial refund (Credit Card saved on Business Partner)?

How do I create a partial refund for a one-time document?

How do I handle partial payments?

How do I handle prepayments?

How do I refund everything?

How do I settle on multiple Credit Cards?

- I -

I get the error “-10 – Payment method not defined” when iPayment does the settlement

Incoming payment

Incoming payment – refund

iPayment and Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS)

iPayment and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)

iPayment tab on documents

- K -

Known limitations in iPayment

- L -


- M -

Mass link generator (Secure Trading Only)

- O -

One-time Credit Cards/Customers

Outgoing payment – refund (Send money to customer)

- P -

Payment terms



- R -

Re-authorization of Sales Orders


Result window

- S -

Secure Trading

Icon Secure Trading
Icon Secure Trading

Secure Trading - Currencies

Secure Trading - Customizing the “Add credit card” page

Send one-time Credit Card link (Secure Trading only)

Settlement and refund

Settlement window

SQL Queries

- T -

Transactions rejected after settlement (Manual process)

- V -

Void authorization

- W -

What is Credit Card Tokenization and why is it important?